Products Technical Writer/Documentation Project Manager

Company Name:
Job Descriptions:
The Products Technical Writer/Documentation Project Manager focuses on compiling professional release and product documentation for our enterprise and employer products. This includes: Quarterly Release Notes and related documents (User Guides, QuickTips, Implementation Guides, etc.). This is a hands-on role requiring the ability to become proficient quickly in new software applications and the management and enhancement of sustainable documentation processes in a rapidly changing environment.
Responsibilities include:
Technical Documentation
Write and publish release documents and product-related documents for internal and external clients
Conduct in-depth interviews with subject matter experts to understand products and features
Research and test new features in products to create effective, accurate documentation
Incorporate feedback from key business and
stakeholders to provide ongoing content improvement
Integrate third-party documentation as appropriate to reflect partner-generated enhancements
Update current product manuals and help develop new documentation for all products
Proofread, edit and revise material prepared by other writers or associates
Prepare layout of material for publication
Liaise with the Products Training and Certification Team to incorporate product documentation into training materials
Process Management
Facilitate the review/revision/approval process and enhance to maximize efficiency
Project manage the development, design and maintenance of new and updated product documentation
Manage requests from various groups across Benefitfocus to determine content to be added/changed in product documentation
Own, review, revise product-related documentation housed on corporate SharePoint site
Required Experience:
The ProductsTechnical Writer/Documentation Project Managermust be able to:
Demonstrate exceptional writing, proofreading and grammar skills
Write and edit documents quickly and accurately and follow our corporate standards
Independently research and validate information to ensure the accuracy of documentation
Interact professionally with a variety of people, including Benefitfocus clients, internal and remote associates, the senior management team, contractors, etc.
Project manage and improve the overall documentation process
Work in a fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment
5 plus years experience developing and project-managing documentation at the enterprise level
BA in English or related studies (MA preferred)
Excellent technical writing skills
Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
Software background a plus
HTML and experience enterprise-level content management tools experience a plus
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