Customs Brokerage Coordinator - Charleston

Company Name:
Job Title: Customs Brokerage Coordinator
City: Charleston
State / Province: South Carolina
Job Description: The Brokerage Entry Writer is responsible for coordination of the documentation required by US Customs and Border Protection for entry of goods into the US on behalf of importers.
o Impeccable customer service.
o Perform audit review on all assigned brokerage files and payments to customs.
o Maintain and keep current all customs compliance documentation.
o Process documents through the Company's ABI system, obtaining Customs release and other government agency releases as appropriate. Arrange both delivery and the invoicing of the import account for services rendered.
o Review and monitor all Customs rejections, requests for information for clients and any other government agency, and other correspondence.
o Adhere to all domestic and international shipping regulations.
o Mandatory daily correspondence with overseas offices.
o Work closely with other departments to deliver high level of service to customers.
o Perform other duties as assigned.
o Ability to work with demanding deadlines
o Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
o Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
o Must be detail oriented, thorough and accurate and have the ability to efficiently solve problems
o Solid knowledge of domestic and international geography including countries, major cities and ocean ports along with basic knowledge of U.S. Regulatory Laws
o Ability to establish priorities and accomplish multiple tasks, must be organized
o Strong PC skills
o Proven analytical and problem solving skills
o Work effectively via phone, fax, e-mail. Good planning and organization skills; ability to multitask and be a self-starter
o Basic knowledge of INCO terms, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, Customs regulations and other government agency requirements

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