Product Specialist/Trainer

Company Name:
Good Done Great
Position Type:
The Product Specialist is responsible for the operational efficiency of the products we develop, and training our customers to help them maximize their effectiveness with the product. By working closely with the Product Development team, our clients, and the Sales Team, this position will be integral in the success of our projects.
This position will report to the Manager of Product Development as a member of the Product Development team. Key responsibilities will include:
Produce documentation for products, to include creating and updating Release Notes, Product Overview, Standard Components, and Implementation Guides for new products, and new versions of established products.
Work with Manager of Product Development to develop comprehensive curriculum for our client training program.
Conduct administrator and user training sessions for our clients.
Perform simple implementation tasks during training sessions to help clients achieve their end-goal application. These include altering page layouts, list views, and creating new fields.
Communicate industry trends, and clients needs with the Product Development team to help determine new, or enhanced features needed for future product releases.
Communicate with Project Teams to determine client status, and client success.
Facilitate the transition for our clients from product implementation, to support.
Provide technical support for sales demos. This includes creating demo sites, and simple implementation

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